Sports Betting Module

We supply one of the most powerful, scalable and feature rich sports betting system in the market. OptimaMGS Sports Betting allows you to create a world leading offer for your organisation to be present and fully compete in the sports betting industry league of the stars worldwide.

A World Class Sports Betting System

Major Sports Data Feeds suppliers are supported in conjunction with OptimaMGS ability to combine, supplement or replace any feed supplier data to allow the Operator to offer the best content offer in the market.

Fixed Odds and Pool Betting under the same system.
Specific promotions engine.
Real time content management and trading tools.
In-play and pre-match events trading and management.
Data feed amalgamation and normalisation.
Real time risk management and liability control engine.
Selective risk management outsourcing capabilities.
Real time resulting and settlement fully automated.
Real time alerting and notification system.
Bet management module.
Betting catalog configuration module.
Tens of thousands of bet types, market types and price types.
Centralized Content Management System.
Racing betting natively supported.
Content integration system open-api.

Fully Flexible and

100% Customizable

Operators deliver great betting experience to their Players by using OptimaMGS back-end and front-end tools. On top of a very comprehensive and simple to use system, OptimaMGS  Bespoke Development Services will tailor the entire system to your organisation’s needs.
With OptimaMGS, You decide how to shape your business.

How easy do you want to get a new world-class platform on board?

OptimaMGS will in advance train your staff to the maximum level of detail, tailoring the training for each of your operations area, working hand by hand with your team being at your own location, to ensure the launch of your product is smooth and your staff feels the support in every moment .


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