Omnichannel Solutions

Omnichannel features have to be at the core of the platform, providing tools to create a unique user experience across all channels under one only system. OptimaMGS provides features and components available to Players no matter what engagement channel they use, in a responsive flavour, and to your staff to manage the channels efficiently and accurately.

All Channels, Only One System

Real Omnichannel

One account, one wallet.
Play online, withdraw your funds in retail.
Deposit in retail, play online.
Use online credit to play in retail.
Across the board loyalty points schemes.
Consistent content and pricing.
Personalization of the content offer per channel.
Centralized liability and risk management in real time.
Development of features once, use across all channels.
Centralised promotions.

Mobile and Web

We create and support the best mobile and web Sports Betting and Gaming products based in the best technology. Our true Omnichannel system enables players to access, on mobile, tablet or desktop devices, an offer of sports betting and gaming that is fully designed by the Operator. Players enjoy online using the same account across all channels for a better customer experience. At the same time, Operator’s staff counts with the tools to manage each channel individually or centralized, deciding in each moment what functionalities, promotions, and products, are offered across or just in a particular set of channels.

All major browsers supported.
All devices supported.
Full flexibility, easy to use, feature-rich.
Responsive or specific design when required.
Native, Hybrid and Web app.
Push communications and live content updates.
All major browsers and devices supported.
Responsive or specific design when required.
Native, Hybrid and Web App.

Cutting-edge technology

OptimaMGS has the right technology to achieve the best performance of its products. From HTML5 to ReactJS and other cutting-edge technologies, but also using technologies such as Java Enterprise Edition and C++ to make OptimaMGS perform at the maximum level. Backend and Frontend product developments are performed always with outstanding performance and high availability in mind, to deliver a world-class User and Player experience, even under extreme conditions.


Our innovative retail solutions are conquering the betting and gaming industry. We continuously create innovative products, first to market, supported on new technology advantages that allow our partners to enter the digital era offering the best experiences to their teams and final customers.




Our award-winning innovation to retail BYOD Millenials online services consuming trends for the bricks and mortar sports betting and e-gaming operators. Fully integrated in the platform, PSBT™ offers all the services available through the online channels, to the players physically present in a retail outlet, offering the players a rich, yet anonymous cash-based experience.


   Match recognition with OptimaMGS Match-Catch™

   Intuitive and Easy to Use

   Only when Player is in Venue



Transform your business with our UK and Republic of Ireland specific over the counter terminals. OptimaMGS Serverless is a renowned innovative POS designed with the “do more with less” concept in mind. The serverless system enables OptimaMGS Partners to benefit with a huge increase in performance and cost reduction to any other Server Based EPOS solution. A solution for market leaders.

Cost Reduction 0
Shops Worldwide

OptimaMGS EXAtill

Enter the new digital era with the online retail cash-based application featuring call-over and mark-sense. Supporting a flexible set of hardware components and an architecture designed to support large estates and diverse regulatory requirements. The EXAtill product sub-system benefits from low infrastructure and maintenance costs, automatic risk control and tighter security, therefore providing new business opportunities for franchise shops and mobile outlets.

Cost Reduction 0
Shops Worldwide

Self Service

Betting Terminal

The OptimaMGS iSSBT™ Software subsystem benefits from the suite of products and services of the core and is integrated in the Operator’s selected Self Service Cabinet hardware of choice. Our iSSBT™ software provides consistent multi-channel and service/pricing consistency, Operators factually obtain more margin than with other fully managed solutions available in the market to date.


  Designed to provide maximum content and betting opportunities

  GUI brandable and optimized for fast bet capture

  Cabinet-agnostic architecture of the application

Call Centre

Expand the value of your Customer Service team. Full betting opportunity catalogue available in a module thought to take as many bets as it could be possibly done.

Do you want to integrate
a new channel?

OptimaMGS allows to integrate any new engagement channel you may want to offer. Not only that, any 3rd party product you desire, will be integrated accurately and timely. We are software creators.

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