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Integral MultiChannel Platform

How much real time control does your organisation have over your business, your data, your customers? OPTIMAMGS™ provides you a full collection of advanced tools and modules tailored to your company requirements. Take the control now with the most innovative, flexible and powerful platform in the market, OPTIMAMGS™.

Player Account Management

All customer information and activity from all channels, available in real time in an integral, central system. Customisable automation based on the in-line world-class, easy-to-use, fully integrated Business Intelligence system. Maximise the performance of your business with OPTIMAMGS™.

Integrated Shared Wallet

A central integration point for all OPTIMA and third party products. Bullet proof, high performance, with capacity that scales based on the operators business activity requirements handling hundreds of ready to use 3rd party integrations. Centralised promotions and bonus engine across products and channels, full control of your promotions strategy by using the OPTIMAMGS™ state-of-the-art promotions engine.

Outstanding Performance

Performance that shines with outstanding availability and scalability. OPTIMAMGS™ will process any demanded load on the agreed SLAs with the effect of increasing the revenues and profit to the Operator, maximising the up time to the best in industry levels.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Explore the possibilities of the fully integrated world-class Business Intelligence and Reporting System and take the control of your margins. Business Intelligence without user-access limits, setup in a Real Time Analytics architecture flavor, giving access to your data in real time without limits and without impacting your transactional production systems.

Promotion Management

With the bonus and promotions management engine your organisation will enjoy of hundreds of ready-to-launch existing real-time promotions such as registration bonuses, deposit bonuses, money back, and many other best-in-market promotions. OPTIMAMGS™ allows operators to design its owns promotions that trigger automatically based on Player predefined patterns and activity trends. Unlimited automated multi segmentation, KPIs tracking and Operator defined actions targeting MGS available functionality or external services that are easily integrated. Develop your own analytics and business intelligence applications with OPTIMAMGS™, be different and innovate.

Configuration Management

Control every existing platform parameter. The platform is exclusively setup for each partner, no shared applications, individual Operator’s roadmap and delivery strategy, without having to consider other Operator’s upgrades, yet, cost effective and also including the timely upgrades OPTIMA inform as necessary, always deployed when Operator decides based on their own interest and requirements.

Payment Instruments Ready-to-Use Integrations

From card processing to direct bank transfer and most of the major e-wallets and crypto currencies ready integrated and supported. With specific regional focus, to provide the payment solutions that work in each market, ready available before any launch.

Casino Providers Integration

Direct wallet integration for all the leading casino games and services suppliers ready-to-configure-and-use and offering integration for any new suppliers in record time, also allowing suppliers to integrate themselves using the open APIs available to this effect.


User Security and Administration

OPTIMAMGS™ offers a security model based on user roles and attributes granting system access easily and effectively. Four-Eyes control policy defined by Operators to apply the maximum level of security depending on their own risk management strategies and decisions. OPTIMA is ISO27001, ISO20000 and ISO9001

Centralized Multi Jurisdiction Support

Allowing the Operators to deploy their business strategy in a secure, cost effective manner, operating in many different jurisdictions with one single platform, distributed regulation secure storage, allowing full regional customisation not only at the frontend, but also security rules, restrictions and setting full product market differentiation.

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