Software Integration Points

The Optima MGS™ system from Optima is the leading open system on the market, with numerous integrations to other systems both within the Lottomatica group and externally.

MGS™ has been designed from the start for integrations and many of the integration points are used internally between applications within the MGS™ suite.

MGS™ is ideal for deployment into heterogeneous environments from multiple suppliers allowing customers to avoid vendor tie-in and leverage existing or legacy installations.

Open and published API’s are also of great use to organisations with significant in-house development capability, where clients can take ownership of the system and develop add-ons according to their own schedules.

Trading Systems

ESTE (Draw Games Adapter)

This integration is to the Optima ES-Series host, allowing MGS™ channels (such as WARP or Portal42) to accept lottery transactions direct into the lottery host.

Altura Terminal

A Sports Betting module has been developed for the Optima Altura terminal (using the associated existing infrastructure), allowing a single point of sale to accept lottery, Sports betting and other transactions which are then passed to the relevant back-end system.


T-Gate provides a link to third- party pool betting systems, primarily through the i-neda interface. This allows side-by-side

fixed odds and pool betting into existing pools within MGS™.

The interface provides a feed of events, markets and projected dividends (“will- pays”) as well as placing transactions.


As an example of the flexibility possible with MGS™, we have developed a transaction interface to Touchbet and Betdaq.

Driven by configurable rules, bets attempted against MGS™ are automatically hedged back-to-back into the third party’s own systems.


BOLT (Betting Operations Liability Toolbox) from Neurosoft S.A. is a Business Intelligence solution providing liability monitoring to sports betting organizations. Based on specially designed technological architecture and complex algorithms, it provides real time accurate liability measuring and visual analysis through its 2D and 3D graphical user interface.

All betting transactions taken through MGS™ may be fed through to BOLT for additional real-time liability monitoring tools.

Data Feeds

E-Venue is Optima’s event data management system. It accepts feeds from multiple commercial providers, allows their aggregation and enhancement, and then passes them on to downstream systems, including the rest of the MGS™ suite.

Numerous data feed providers are already integrated, and more are being added all the time.


Shared Wallet is the wallet subsystem of the Optima’s MGS™ suite.

It is a subsystem for managing player accounts, integrating to gaming systems for transactions, implementing payments processing.

Numerous integrations have already been performed with other gaming systems (for single player wallet management) and commercial payment providers.

Integration Points

In addition to the specific integrations listed above, our open Web technologies allow for simple integration with specific

or complex function third party web services, such as:

Content server

Provides a managed and structured feed of betting reference data published from within MGS™. It uses industry standard Web technologies (XML over HTTP) to make this content available to any subscriber.

New content documents can easily be added to provide the data needed by any external subscriber.

This interface is also used internally by WARP and STOS systems.

Transaction Server

Transaction Server provides a well- documented API for managing all aspects of transaction management with the MGS™ engine and wallet:

Betting transactions

Available through standard web (SOAP) and other channels (e.g. .NET assemblies) it is used by many third parties for offering seamless integration through new channels.