Content Management Framework

WARP is Optima’s component-based Web framework for dynamic and static content management and delivery of Sports Betting.

It was specially designed by Optima for use in the betting and gaming industry to meet the expectations and aspirations of our customers and to reap the benefits of the latest technology advances.


Customers are looking for a high performance Web solution that can provide a flexible way of changing the look and feel of their sites themselves, with a variable amount of Optima involvement. They want to achieve the highest possible degree of differentiation from their competitors whilst not losing the flexibility for controlled on-the-fly changes.

WARP was specifically designed to offer a rich and fast sports betting experience integrated seamlessly with other products from the Optima stable (Poker, Bingo, Casino, Gamesroom) or elsewhere.

Key features

Flexible web branding and player- centric personalization, which means that our customers can easily differentiate their websites from that of their competitors

The system is designed for very heavy load, high performance and scalability, featuring:

Lego®-like components

PRISM: Portal Management

PRISM is the portal management tool, which allows a single point for management of:

Prism can manage multiple Websites, each with multiple instances of the site; ideal for clients that follow the White Label model.
Role based security facilitates the need for partners who wish to change their sites contents and layout without having to rely upon the service provider.
An approval workflow process helps to control live site changes.

Versioning and comment driven change logs complement the features any CMS should offer.

Product and Platform

WARP represents both a complete product and a platform for building.
The system is separated into two sets of modules; those which will change frequently (look-and-feel, user-facing components) and those which rarely change (business domain logic, transaction processing, raw data). These modules then communicate in a platform independent way.
There is a standard set of components which make a default product, but it’s easily extendible and can be significantly customised.
Customisation can be performed either internally by Optima or through 3rd party development via a SDK Integration Platform. WARP can act as an integration platform bringing together:

It offers everything needed to support these integrations:

WARP features a file-based demand driven cache. This uses an industry standard HTTP interface, including full use of “not changed” responses to help optimise bandwidth usage.

The cache supports automatic cleanup and refreshing driven by:

The content delivery system now also allows web servers to push static files to clients, boosting speed and performance.
As all Optima products, it supports an open interface, making it easy to extend and integrate.

Product Outlook

WARP is constantly evolving. Some of the features being planned for future implementation include: