Payment Management Systems

Shared Wallet (ShW) is the wallet subsystem of the OPTIMA(tm) MGS  suite.

ShW is a subsystem for managing player accounts, integrating to gaming systems for transactions, implementing payments processing.

It features promotions management, business configuration and performance/financial reporting.

Key Features and Application Infrastructure

Gaming system Integration Simple journals model

Simple “post credit/debit” style (e.g. for wallet transfers or external payment integrations):
Transaction types configurable per trading system or per product
Atomic check of availability of the balance but forcing negative balance available too as an option
Check against transacting limits Passing reference and description of the transaction and up to 5 transaction amounts, interpreted depending of the transaction type.

Generic bet journals model

“post credit/debit for a bet”, including all above plus passing bet ID, description and state with transaction to maintan “generic bets” and linked transactions

Invoice model

a sophisticated “cart” model for bets, allowing building front ends that can coordinate transactions between the wallet and a range of back-end trading systems

Three phases of bet placement: calculate, prepare-and-lock and post

Mapping product types to financial transaction types, so each game has its own transaction types.

System exposes “a cart” (invoice) with one or many “items” (bets) that support external and internal promotions, responsible gaming play limits and self-exclusion and taxes/duties levied on stake and/or return.

Payment systems integrations

Many online payment systems have been integrated including (among others):

“Built-in promotions” enables modular campaigns processing and rewarding vouchers

SEPA XML credit transfer

The system has been integrated with accounting packages including:

Scalable and reliable

Optima has designed a system for its customers that is scalable, high performing and reliable.
Our customers and by extension, their players are seeing the results of this consistent performance and high volume transaction processing capability.

Flexible and modular

Shared Wallet slots into full suite of MarginMakerTM components.

Wide range of open application integration points

Possibility to slot into another wallet, and serve as the intermediate between MarginMaker and an
external “master” wallet standards of payment order and bank statement formats.

Manual entry of transactions or API for custom integrations with 3rd party manual entry systems

Payment fraud screening systems have been implemented as e.g. Risk Guardian and BVerified.


Reward voucher

Loyalty points’ accrual and just-in-
time conversion to vouchers

Happy hour” concept

External promotions via “external voucher” and “external discount”

Promo events” enabling near-real- time processing of promotions- related event notifications

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