Fixed Odds Software Solutions

Full Coverage

Any sport, any product type, any channel and full integration across all channels.

  •  Call-Centre
  •  Internet
  •  Mobile
  •  Retail
  •  Self-service terminal
  •  Third-party developed channels

Risk and Liability Control

Optima MGS™ has a unique three tier process. This allows “in stream” auto trading capabilities to reduce your liability exposure and provide tighter pricing control.

Live, In-Running Betting

This unrivaled in-running trading interface means you can manage live markets and respond immediately to events already in play.

Fast real-time settlement allows customers to quickly re-invest any winnings.

High Performance and Scalability

Optima has designed a system for its customers that is scalable, high performing and reliable. Our customers and by extension, their players are seeing the results of this consistent performance and high volume transaction processing capability.

For example, our retail systems successfully handled over four million individual sports betting wagers on one single event with fully managed risk, security, and optimal profitability.

Flexible and modular

  • Fixed Odds Sportsbook slots into full suite of MGS™ components.
  • Wide range of open application integration points, including transactions, content and risk management
  • External Payment processing system – either MGS™ Shared Wallet, GMS or 3rd party wallet.

Fully configurable

The complete product range is configured within the Framework application. The system can be configured in a number of ways including:

Product types

  • Odds
  • Language
  • Branding
  • Currency
  • Alerts
  • Bet typesOutlookThe product is constantly evolving. Some of the features being planned for future implementation include:
  • Risk awareness for combos/units – a new risk management tool that will work-out and present “risky combinations” based on both their potential return and probability.
  •  Support for accumulated perms – a feature for assembling bets by splitting chosen selections into groups and then specifying the “perm” required for each group.
  • Domain pricing capability – differential regional pricing margin from one central system and with distributed silo architecture.
  • New Special Offer application to address multiple requests for new offer reward types.
  • Distributed MM “silo” architecture – regional MM silos operated off single point of entry for events management and centralised consolidated risk monitoring.
  • Cross-book open positions monitoring – offers risk managers visibility of the positions across markets/books in the event.
  • Bet referral – the option for manual authorisation is added within the bet capture path.
  • Hotpicks – an additional risk management utility enabling traders to visualise what-if scenarios.
  • Money Shifting (conditional Any To Come) – the ability to define bets that only apply when the stake is taken from the winnings of a previous bet.
  • Auto-hedging –the capability for the system to hedge automatically in the designated “liquidity system” (as in bet exchange or other bookmaker).
  • Mythical match-ups – a betting product allowing Players to bet on “mythical” match-ups – whatever the real events are, e.g. players can bet for Real to beat Barcelona every week although they don’t play each other.