Sports Data Management Services

E-Venue is Optima’s event data management system. It accepts feeds from multiple commercial providers as well as manual input, enriches the feeds and passes them on to downstream systems in a consistent data format.

The system manages the complete lifecycle of data, from initial setup through pre-off (open/close, trading, prices and will-pays), in-running (match events, live prices, match facts) to full resulting.

E-Venue deals with all sports data; not only Fixed Odds but also Pools betting (including multi-market pools such as placepots and pick 6) and non-betting information.

Why E-Venue?

By separating the provision and management of data from the trading engine, E-Venue enables enterprise-wide Sports event data management.

Any system relying on event data (trading, risk management, display systems, live scores, etc.) benefit from a single coordinated and synchronised

source of data. Multiple instances of downstream systems are supported, for example where legislation or logistics require local installations several geographically separate trading systems can be fed from a single E-Venue hub.

As new data sources are added, the integration is performed once, and the Consistent Data Schema ensures all downstream systems benefit from this new source without further modification.

Key Features


E-Venue Management System is the manual input and management facility for E-Venue. It allows for full entry of all data, as well as enrichment and management of feed data.

Data may be managed not only by sport, competition or venue but also by provider.

Data is structured in a hierarchical manner allowing for simple navigation through a large quantity of data.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment involves adding extra value content to data. Diverse providers of different data, each a specialist in its niche area, can all feed into a single consolidated data store to provide a rich event data source to downstream systems.

For example, Horse racing fixtures feeds typically including runners and prices; these can be enriched by combining them with another provider’s feed which does not contain prices but does contain jockey silks’ colours.


A key initiative within data enrichment is the new derivatives engine. This takes base market data and other match facts and, in real time, manages the prices, status and results of a complete range of derived markets.

Organisations using derivatives engines are able to offer a much larger range of markets on an event without a corresponding increase in the overhead of additional traders.

Types of markets supported are fully configurable but include:

Feed Services

The following third party feeds are already available:

New feeds are being added all the time; all E-Venue users can potentially benefit from our ongoing feed integration programme.

Product outlook

The E-Venue product is constantly evolving. Some of the features being planned for future implementation include:

Continuing programme of new data providers

Advanced Data ownership – introduce advanced permissions scheme for users on various functions across classes and sources of data

Translations / Internationalisation support