Solutions For The E-gaming Industry

Embracing the digital era

The new Digital era is more than online and on-mobile. Optima brings innovative solutions to the e-gaming industry embracing Cloud services, social media, a new dimension in mobility and big data solutions for diverse uses such as fraud and customer analytics.
Our solutions are focused in providing your organisation the tools to give your customers and partners an end product rich in product features,scalable capacity and with maximum availability. All you need to keep your software solutions and services aligned with your strategic goals.

What is MGS™?

MGS™ is Optima’s suite of betting engines and associated support modules.

Why MGS™?

MGS™ uniquely supports fixed odds, pools and spread betting on any sport, across all channels (Call-Centre, Internet, Mobile and Retail) and for any business model (betting, gaming exchanges) – giving you the ultimate flexibility to tailor your sports betting proposition to your specific market and player requirements.

  Risk and Liability Control

  Live, In-play betting.

  Create your own catalog of sports betting opportunities using MGS Hermes and odds full life cycle management tools, plus all major feed suppliers available in the market, all managed from a single system.

  Setup your own casino and live casino using the content from the best gaming suppliers, all working under your own casino umbrella, and a single and instant user wallet experience, with promotions that span across all suppliers, creating offers across all product verticals.

  High Performance and escalability.

  Full flexibility on product channels. Use OPTIMA renowned web and mobile tools to create and manage your products with the assistance of OPTIMA xperienced e-gaming and sports betting development team, or use OPTIMA flexible APIs and your selected web and mobile development teams for the maximum flexibility in the market.

  ORACLE last generation technologies (Database, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics)

  Simple licencing model. OPTIMA MGS incorporates all licences required from 3rd parties making the TCO of the solution a very attractive licencing model due to its simplicity and its clear operational cost structure.


The OPTIMA Systems family includes the renowned MarginMaker2 sports betting system, which provides many modules to those also existing in the MGS suite:

Fixed Odds

The industry leading core sports betting engine used by the majority of MarginMaker™ customers. It consists of a trading engine and a full suite of Risk and general management tools.

Pools Engine

Pools Engine™ is Optima new versatile and flexible gaming solution which allows operators to create, maintain and manage pool betting in alignment with their existing product suite, providing for increased income combined with low cost maintenance.


Online gateway to a range of international betting pool providers.

Shared Wallet

cross-product customer wallet, offering open API’s to Optima and third party gaming systems.


Optima’s event data management system. It accepts feeds from multiple commercial providers as well as manual input, enriches the feeds and passes them on to downstream systems in a consistent data format.


“Stream To Screen” is Optima’s customer information display system. It supports very lightweight digital signage as well as cost-effective time-critical information and video presentation screens.

Web Channel

Includes WARP – Our leading- edge real time (AJAX) infrastructure that uses components that will display changing information without the requirement to refresh the whole page.

The web channel also includes Portal 42 – which uses the same infrastructure optimised for Poker, Bingo and Casino as well as sports betting and Velocity, a web socket push technology content delivery system.

It scales effortlessly to support all from the smallest to the largest sites, and PRISM, our customer driven layout tool which allows clients to refresh the look and functionality of the site without development.


An online retail cash-based application featuring call-over and mark-sense. It supports a flexible set of hardware components and an architecture designed to support large estates and diverse regulatory requirements.

The World*Till sub-system benefits from low infrastructure and maintenance costs, automatic risk control and tighter security, therefore providing new business opportunities for franchise shops and mobile outlets.


Self-service terminals support cash and account betting with a friendly customer interface and lightweight data requirements for ease of deployment.


Personal-service terminals supporting anonymous betting using customer’s mobile and tablet devices. Cash and account betting with a friendly customer interface and lightweight data requirements for ease of deployment. Also launched as iSHOP, provides new in-venue revenue streams for the retailers.


A UK Style cash-based application featuring two-phase image capture and translation and full and partial mark- sense. It has a distributed “stand-alone” architecture and real-time centralised alerting.

Serverless EPoS

No changes in functionality from server based software.

Compatible with all printers supported EPOS Where is.

Compatible with Marksense and Hand written briefs scanning.

Minimum required deployment at tills.

No synchronization required content Between SHOP and HQ.

Minimum bandwidth required to operate

Standalone mode supported.

Separate from our World Till product line.

No server required at SHOP Means Dramatically reduction of costs.

Investment done only in the core infrastructure Reducing management costs, technology refresh costs and support costs.

Call Centre

A powerful and fast account based capture system.

WLA retail integration

The open API for content and transactions has already been used by a number of 3rd party specialists to produce betting components on a range of channels.


Shared Wallet

Another large advantage of Optima’s MarginMaker2 offering is the shared wallet accounting engine, in which a player maintains one single account from which he or she can place bets on multiple and varied events. It is ideal for medium to large operators that require 24×7 availability, easy third-party integration and a highly flexible and configurable infrastructure

  Configurable customer account sets

  Credit control mechanisms including account balance control, credit limit and funds locking

  Configurable transacting limits including self-imposed limits for socially responsible betting

  Configurable security models to allow partitioning of customer and/or internal accounts


The internet messaging system allowing pushing data to customer’s devices in the most efficient and cheapest way. Using advanced subscription mechanisms guarantee that data sequence is correct and effectively delivered and handled.


The feed unification system, reading from multiple feed suppliers, odds, event facts, scoreboards, in real time and processing the data in-memory, introducing zero latency in the processing of the data received.


Derivative based, automatic trading tools. Providing an extensive market catalog for all major sports. Create and distribute your own catalog and obtain the best margin in the market effortlessly.

Flexible and modular

The modular approach to MarginMaker™ architecture with open APIs allows clients to fit components to their own architecture. So whether you are looking for a complete one-stop solution to all your betting solutions, or you are looking to integrate new functionality to an existing operation, MarginMaker™ is an ideal solution.