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OPTIMA at Betting On Sports 2017

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OPTIMA will be at Betting on Sports and looks forward to meeting with anybody who is interested in talking about any part of the product suite. Betting on Sport is at London’s famous Olympia on 12th-15th September.

Seville based supplier of platforms, OPTIMA has built on what has so far been a potentially record breaking year, by recording another successful month.

At the EXPOJOC in Valencia earlier in the month, the company introduced a new range of platforms that have undoubtedly aided the growth that OPTIMA has enjoyed.

The new product range follow on from OPTIMA’s plans to increase its market share in its country of formation, Spain.

Furthermore, OPTIMA is reporting that its efforts to convert its UK retail customer base from a shop server based system to a new serverless solution is proceeding at a good pace.

Optima CEO, Jacob Lopez Curciel said: “The serverless solution brings many advantages to the operator. Prominent amongst these are the cost savings by not having to replace a shop server every 2 to 3 years, and the complete elimination of any delays caused by the ‘data’ bottlenecks that can arise when the HQ system is trying to connect to the shop at busy periods.

“Further advantages accrue to the operator through the centralization of the HQ and therefore the ease with which support and upgrades can be supplied.

“This is the type of system that has lead to OPTIMA becoming the system of choice for many markets including Nigeria where a 1000 shop estate has just been rolled out for market leader NairaBet.

“Trials on OPTIMA’s revolutionary iSHOP solution are continuing in the UK . This way of allowing customers to use their own mobile device to access the same prices as are in the till whist in the shop not only creates a novel way of betting but also does not require the operator to enter into any financially punitive arrangements with a third party.”

Source: SBC News


Success at Expojoc 2017

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Betting platform and systems provider OPTIMA has been working to increase market share in its native Spain. The firm is focused on exporting its product and services, as 95% of its business is with international clients, but OPTIMA is also using its global brand in the home market.

Last week, it showcased its products to a local audience after outlining a Spanish focus at EXPOJOC trade show in Valencia. OPTIMA explained its focus on Spanish market presence and its existing partnership with Catalan-based, one of the leading gaming companies in the Spanish sector.

General Manager Juan Mediavilla believes the gambling software provider has increased its reputation in the Spanish market by introducing the MGS multi-channel gaming platform to the local betting industry.

“It was a pleasure for us to have been able to present our products to the Spanish market at EXPOJOC,” said Mediavilla. “We want to thank both the organisations and all those visitors who have accompanied us throughout the day.”

As platinum sponsor of Betting on Sports 2017 (13-15 September), Optima is gearing up for the second incarnation of the largest international sports and betting trade conference in Kensington. CEO Jacob Lopez Curciel starred in the live betting environment session at last year’s event


OPTIMA will participate in EXPOJOC Valencia 2017

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The Spanish-based provider, which develops and markets one of the leading software systems for the gaming and sports betting industry, will introduce its comprehensive MGS multi-channel gaming platform on 13th and 14th June in Valencia, Spain.

Visitors to the OPTIMA booth (B-7) will be able to see a complete range of products, designed to promote a solution to operators who want to contract an independent platform, which they can develop in a personalized way and without sharing resources with other gaming operators.

OPTIMA MGS is a constantly evolving software platform that allows operators to offer players a faster, safer and more personalized way to enjoy their products, designed in particular by each operator, based on their business and product philosophy.

Optima participates in EXPOJOC

OPTIMA offers customized solutions, from OPTIMA-OPERATOR shared development models, to dedicated development resources for individual operators, directly managed by OPTIMA or fully managed platforms, always taking into account that OPTIMA does not operate the platform, OPTIMA develops and maintains it. The operators can develop and focus on their business while leaving the management of the technology in the hands of experts.
Each year, the innovations provided by OPTIMA have captured the attention of the industry, which has allowed OPTIMA to keep its platform at the forefront of technological and product innovation.
The OPTIMA MGS platform is multichannel: Web, Mobile, Retail, Call Center, Smart TV or game consoles

Optima’s main products include:

- Face-to-face betting system, WORLD TILL, currently present in more than 20,000 points of sale worldwide.
- Online betting system (Web and Mobile) with the best ratios of performance, scalability and cost of the market (up to 65,000 transactions per second in a mid-range system)
- ORACLE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Server Enterprise Edition as part of the backend platform.
- New multi-channel bonus and promotions system, integrated in the near-real time action business intelligence.
- The award-winning iSHOP, which enables users to use their mobile devices such as iPads, laptops and smartphones, to place their bets at retail locations such as casinos and betting shops.
- Specific products for newly regulated markets (Africa, Eastern Europe, etc.)

Visit the B7 booth to discover how OPTIMA can bring a differential element to your business and provide a solution that will allow your business to grow without technological or product boundaries.


OPTIMA at Betting On Football 2017

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OPTIMA is the Gold Sponsor for Betting on Football 2017, the fourth edition of the largest international football and betting trade conference at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge.

Ahead of the 3-5 May event, we spoke to Jacob Lopez Curciel, CEO at OPTIMA, about why football is such an attractive sport for betting, how the market is changing from a consumer perspective and how betting and football stakeholders can work more effectively together.

SBC: Why is football such an attractive sport for betting?

JLC: As the king of sports, football is more than a sport in most countries, and in many cases a way of life. Football is everywhere, it is exciting and is easy to understand. Football is well known and sports followers normally support one or more teams, and participate in many other activities related to football that are not always related to the clubs themselves.

Why is it so attractive for betting? Considering the above, and that there are all kinds of things that influence our decision-making processes, the desirability bias affects most of the decisions regarding the sports and the betting behaviour of the punter; hence, a well-known sport, supported teams and supported players allows a higher number of bettors for football than for any other sport and makes football very attractive for many punters.

From the bookmakers’ perspective, attracting the interest of the punters is vital. Higher number of followers for a sport means that it will get more attention by the bookmakers, and that translates into more products, more suppliers and more opportunities available to punters.

Technology also is helping to support the above, with OPTIMA continuously investing in new products, usually made available for football and horse racing before any other sports.

SBC: From a consumer perspective, how is football betting changing?

JLC: The evolution of the betting punter in the last few years has been very noticeable and our partners know all about it. Part of it is due to technology provided by the operators and part of it due to the amount of information available in social networks, real or near real time data and a wider number of offers.

Currently the football punter compares prices, cashes out and selects accumulators based on prices but also considering the bonuses given on those when selecting what they want to place their bets on. More and more punters are betting on less and less top competitions and less and less market types, permitting them to concentrate on mastering certain patterns and recognising situations that make the punter think they have an advantageous position over the bookmaker.

Hence, we could say that consumers have more tools at their fingertips to react in almost real time to information that influences their decision process, and which makes them vary the opinion previously held regarding an evaluated outcome. Here is where allowing the customers to correct their decisions, with tools like cash out, creates the impression to the punter that they have bigger control and it really increases the number of interactions the punter now has with the bookmaker, which translates into higher enjoyment for the punter and higher profit for the bookmaker.

OPTIMA constantly develop new tools that help the bookmakers in obtaining intelligence about customer behaviour and betting trends, allowing informed decisions to be made in real time, to understand how their customers are changing and to produce new products and variations of the existing ones that better service their customers’ preferences.

SBC: How can betting & football stakeholders work better and more effectively together?

JLC: The Betting on Football Conference certainly helps. Increased dialogue and transparency on key issues (sport integrity, trading anomalies) to improve consumer confidence.

The dialogue between regulators, football organisations and federations, marketing organisations and bookmakers to provide a fair and safer betting environment to consumers, keeping them away from problem gambling. Also from the bookmakers’ perspective, greater control and clearer actions to correct the existing integrity problems in some sports, also touching on football.

SBC: What key agenda, debate or discussion do you want to hear at BOFCON 2017?

JLC: Collaboration between regulators, football organisations and bookmakers in respect of fraud detection and integrity in football. How could technology organisations help them more?

Source: SBC News

OPTIMA at ICE 2017 Stand N2-310

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Business man holding electricity light bolt in his handsOPTIMA is proud to announce that it will be participating for a 3rd consecutive year at ICE, the world’s largest dedicated Gaming exhibition and conference.

The Spain based supplier of leading software systems to the e-gaming and sports betting industry, will showcase its multi-channel gaming suite at ICE Totally Gaming 2017, held at ExCeL London (February 7-9).

Visitors to the OPTIMA stand (N2-310) will be able to view a full product range designed to facilitate multi-channel solution, which reduces costs and drives revenue.

The constantly evolving suite of software allows operators to offer players faster and more convenient way to enjoy their products, while players gain access to a full range of markets.

Every year the new OPTIMA innovations have caught the attention of the industry which has allowed OPTIMA to engage with new customers and create even more partnerships with other services factories.

OPTIMA MGS platform is multi-channel.Web, Mobile, Retail, Call Center, Smart TV’s, Game Consoles …

The selection of our main products will be available to view at ICE 2017, including:

  • Renowned Serverless EPOS retail betting system.
  • Application user experience and data real time delivery system “POSEIDON”. Millisecond internet data updates with outstanding performance, scalability and cost.
  • Near Real Time Business intelligence and reporting system.
  • New free way multi channel, multi supplier, promotion system.
  • Award winning iSHOP.
  • Emerging and new regulated markets specific products (Africa, Eastern Europe ..)

Visit our booth N2-310 to discover how OPTIMA can make a positive difference to your business and provide a solution that grows with your success. Our specialists in Platform Migration and new Start-ups setup will be available all exhibition days from Tuesday to Thursday.

Please do not forget to book an appointment writing to, or just drop by for a quick chat or demo.

An operator must be Multi-Channel present

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OPTIMA CEO Jacob Lopez Curciel discusses the development of his firm into a Multi-Channel supplier in a constantly evolving industry.

1. Your iSHOP product really turned a few heads when it was presented at the Bookmakers Trade Fair in October – Why do you think it was so warmly received?

Our product is a neat piece of technology, and also a carefully designed interface and user journey for the customer combined with a new revenue channel for the bookmakers.

Use your own device (UYOD) is found everywhere, these days, from internet use to paying your bills. How the punters engage at the retail venues, is changing merging the millennial’s inbuilt link to using their own devices for absolutely everything, to the social experience only achievable at the bricks-and-mortar high street presence. iSHOP is a unique experience of betting in play instantly, on what you see on the screens, without waiting in a queue or getting the next slot on an SSBT.

2. How long has it taken you to develop this solution – will it work in other markets?

The solution has gone over a few iterations until the interface and journey were perfected. Finally the current version ticks all the boxes and we can see from the interest generated that the time ,effort and investment is completely justified.

3. OPTIMA has a well renowned expertise in the retail sector, but your online product range is also impressive – what’s stands you out from the crowd here?

Just look at the numbers numbers, for a mid-range system and single bookmaker platform, 65.000 operations per second, 2.500 data transactions per second, over 300 simultaneous live events with sub-second processing; when getting to these numbers we know it is enough-power under the operator’s control. We have yet to see the limit of our platform in a real situation.

4. Is an Multi-Channel solution now available to all bookmakers, regardless of size? 

Yes it is, OPTIMA’s partners offer solutions to bookmakers that will not be able to normally afford the costs of running a multi-channel operation. The ability to segment the access to the reporting and controlling tools by operator, allows our partner to run big B2B operations, also multi-channel, using a single bookmaker instance of our platform.

5. Can bookmakers afford not to have all these touch points with their customers?

It has been clear to us for many years ago, that an operator must be Multi-Channel present, round the clock and under a single brand. The adjusted margins, taxes and marketing costs make it a luxury not to service the customers on all their demands, and it has to be done professionally and with the guarantee of success.

6. How pleased are you to be recognised for your expertise with the Best Retail Betting Product at the SBC Awards?

I´m very pleased, it is definitely a recognition of a lot of hard work, but this result is not the work of a single person, even not from our own team which I adore and that have to be in bold and capitals named here together with my family who allows me relentless dedication to my passion.

The collaboration of our partners, some of them pioneers and well recognized by the UK industry, the Fishers, Peter and Steve, the guys from the BTC who trusted us and believed in our project, Howard, Paul, Julian, Michael, David and many others who shared the passion for sports betting, they all have the betting blood running through their veins.

Also those who I have managed to closely work with in other markets like Joan, Tzvetomir, Boyan, Akin and Dammy, Alexey, Chris, Mark and Ian, who through their extensive product knowledge, every day give us the opportunity to innovate in those markets where we had to work hard in our products, to adapt, to transform and localize to their expectations, to work with them in their markets helping them leading the industry. A big thank for their trust in us.

I cannot forget those industry suppliers that work with us in close harmony and believed in the iSHOP potential, thanks a lot to them as well.

Also I have to thank the industry media for the exposure they give to every new innovation or highlight we make them aware of, it Is not only producing the products, is also how to reach the audience with the right message.

Optima awarded Best Retail Betting Product 2016 by the prestigious media organization SBC @ the SBC Awards Ceremony 2016.

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sbc awards

Optima also was nominated and finalist for the best Inplay Betting Product Category.

Bet365 came out on top of its industry peers last night to take the SBC Bookmaker of the Year Award for the third year running. The Stoke-based outfit beat Unibet, Sky Bet, Pinnacle and 10bet to take the award, sponsored by Oddslife, which was voted on by industry professionals.

Bet365 also picked up the gong for best Live Betting Product in a very successful night for the bookmaker.

Yorkshire -based Sky Bet also had a successful evening, winning the Best Football Bookmaker Awards, being highly commended in another two categories, and seeing sister brand Oddschecker retain the Affiliate of the Year Award.

400 industry professionals attended the awards at the exclusive Under The Bridge nightclub at Stamford Bridge and were given a Christmas welcome with snow, mulled wine and mince pies. Inside entertainment came in the form of a sponsored selfie competition – the entries of which can be seen here – and the Slots Million VR casino.

The evening was hosted by Sky Sports News presenter Hayley McQueen, thanks to sponsorship from BetOnBrazil, who announced the winners and highly commended entries in seven innovation award categories and seven overall award categories.

The innovation awards winners were chosen by a panel of 30 judges, most of whom are leading CEOs in the business, while the overall awards were voted for by people who attended SBC’s two conferences, Betting on Football and Betting on Sports, or who receive the daily Betting Bulletin from SBC News.

The evening also saw the launch of the SBC Sports Betting Hall of Fame, with Howard Chisholm of Chisholm Bookmakers, Carsten Koerl of Sportradar and FSB Technology chairman Mark Blandford inducted as inaugural members.

The night ended with a set from Kellie Acreman, voted one of the world’s sexiest DJs, sponsored by EnergyBet.

SBC managing director Andrew McCarron said: “Congratulations to Bet365 on winning Best Bookmaker again and all our winners. Thanks to everyone who made it to our Awards ceremony with a difference. And particular thanks to our sponsors OPTIMA, LeoVegas, Ganapati plc, Oddslife, InPlay Sports Data, BetBrain, Digital Fuel, SlotsMillion, Sportito, BetonBrazil, BetConstruct, Vermantia,, SBTech, Sportradar, Energybet, Mr Green and Golden Race.”

Bookmaker of the Year  – Sponsored by Oddslife

  • Bet365 – Winner
  • Sky Bet – Highly Commended
  • Unibet
  • Pinnacle
  • 10bet


Innovation in Retail Betting – Best Retail Betting Product

  • Optima – Winner
  • SIS – Highly Commended
  • Racing Post/BGT
  • Perform Group
  • Mediatech
  • BetConstruct

Affiliate of the Year – Sponsored by

  • Oddschecker – Winner
  • Bettingexpert – Highly Commended
  • The FlashScore Network
  • At The Races
  • Superscommesse

Rising Star in Sports Betting – Sponsored by Golden Race

  • EnergyBet – Winner
  • BetOnBrazil – Highly Commended
  • LeoVegas Sports
  • Mr Green
  • Tipbet

Football Bookmaker of the Year – Sponsored by InPlay Sports Data

  • SkyBet – Winner
  • Pinnacle – Highly Commended
  • Unibet
  • 10Bet
  • VBet

Football Affiliate of the Year – Sponsored by EnergyBet

  • BetBrain – Winner
  • – Highly Commended
  • Free Super Tips
  • Bookmakers Review
  • Weekend Football

Esports Bookmaker of the Year – Sponsored by Betradar

  • Pinnacle – Winner
  • SkyBet – Highly Commended
  • Unikrn
  • Danske Spil
  • Vitalbet

Marketing Campaign of the Year  – Sponsored by Vermantia

  • LeoVegas – LeoVegas Sports launch – Winner
  • Marathonbet – Non-League Challenge – Highly Commended
  • SkyBet – Making Betting Better
  • Ladbrokes – Betstation rebranding
  • Unibet – Unibet Affiliates

Innovation in Football Betting – Best Football Betting Product

  • BetBright – Winner
  • TXODDS – Highly Commended
  • SBTech
  • Betgenius
  • BetBrain 4 Business
  • Colossus Bets

Innovation in Sports Betting – Best Sports Betting Product  – Sponsored by Mr Green

  • BetConstruct – Winner
  • Metric Gaming – Highly Commended
  • ArenaCube
  • Openbet
  • Betradar
  • FSBTech

Innovation in Live Betting – Best Live Betting Product

  • Bet365 – Winner
  • SBTech – Highly Commended
  • InPlay Sports Data
  • Commologic
  • Metric Gaming
  • Optima

Innovation in Virtual Sports – Best New Virtual Sports Product

  • Golden Race – Winner
  • Vermantia – Highly Commended
  • Inspired Gaming
  • VSoftCo
  • Betradar
  • SIS

Innovation in Fantasy Sports – Best Fantasy Sports Product

  • Oulala Games – Winner
  • Premier Punt – Highly Commended
  • Brazil’s Fantasy Football
  • Sportito ASAP Italia
  • RunLastMan

Innovation in Affiliation – Best New Affiliate Product – Sponsored by LeoVegas

  • Better Collective – Winner
  • Bet IT Best – Highly Commended
  • Betcade
  • Fresh8 Gaming
  • At The Races
  • WantMyBet


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SBC launches Betting Hall of Fame

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Howard Chisholm, Managing Director of Chisholm Bookmakers is to be one of the first inductees to the Betting Hall of Fame when it is launched on Wednesday 7th December in a glittering awards ceremony at Stamford Bridge.

This award is in recognition of Howard’s work as one of the founders of the Bookmakers Technology Consortium and his subsequent efforts in driving forward the BTC.

The Optima MGS powered BTC enables small and medium size Bookmakers to take advantage of the acknowledged industry leading technology provided by OPTIMA MGS

The Consortium has an agreement with Optima MGS for the supply of Betting Shop EPoS systems together with internet and call centre software.

Howard was instrumental in setting up the BTC in 2008 and from then on it has gone from strength to strength and now has over 500 shops in its portfolio.

Optima is proud to be associated with the BTC and can think of no worthier recipient of this honour than Howard Chisholm.

Long may he continue his good work and OPTIMA will be there to support him on every step of the way.


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Steve Fisher, founder and chief executive of the independent UK retail bookmaker Stan James, commented this week that they have adopted the Optima serverless electronic point of sales system (EPOS) and that it has been already installed and live in their entire estate.

“The new OPTIMA EPOS software platform is really helping us doing more with less, it takes much less equipment, less space and less work at shop level looking after and/or replacing worn or damaged equipment…and that saves time and costs.”
“Its ease of installation, quick implementation and low costs will save us time and around £150,000 in our immediate expansion plans,” he said this week.

“That’s important in a tough bookmaking environment in which competition; taxes and regulatory requirements continually test the bottom line.”

Stan James Retail was already working with OPTIMA EPOS system, and decided migrating their estate to OPTIMA SERVERLESS EPOS back in July, completed the second week of October. OPTIMA will be showcasing the SERVERLESS EPOS with its awarded stand-alone feature together with the new ISHOP personal betting terminals in the TVC Solihull Bookmakers Trade Show on Thursday the 27th of October, where OPTIMA has a stand and is the headline sponsor.

About Stan James.

Founded with a single Berkshire venue by Steve Fisher and the late James Holder in 1973, the Stan James group has grown into one of the foremost independent and trusted bookmaking firms in Britain, with 113 retail betting shops located from Glasgow in the north to Penzance in the south.

The company also enjoys successful partnerships with companies in Europe and South Africa.
Stan James has been awarded both UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar licensing. In September last year the company sold its online operations to the Unibet group, which retains the rights to the Stan James brand, an acknowledgement by the Swedish internet gaming group of the player goodwill which the brand generates.


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Nigerian bookmaker Nairabet has just signed a long-term deal with betting systems supplier OPTIMA to power its bookmaking operations.

CEO Akin Alabi: OPTIMA will be powering all our operations. Mobile, retail and call centre. We needed a very powerful provider to cater for our growing needs, and after a careful analysis of the major providers out there, we opted for OPTIMA. I was a bit sceptical about their ability to adapt their products to fit the Nigerian market. For example, the internet is not so perfect here in Nigeria, but they responded by creating a lighter version of the mobile page for us to cater for those with “not so smart phones” and 2G Internet. That shows how responsive and flexible they are.

CEO Jacob Lopez Curciel: OPTIMA is proud to be the partner who supplies Nairabet with their main gaming platform for Sports Betting and Gaming, for all their channels Web, Mobile, Call Centre and Retail. Nairabet is the right partner for OPTIMA for many reasons, they have a clear approach to business, with a clear strategy and line of work which OPTIMA believes is a winner for the coming years. OPTIMA product and team flexibility will permit Nairabet reacting quickly to market challenges and demands in their leading position.