Managed Software Services

Rely on Optima professionals to accomplish important operational tasks for you - all or in part – to maximise the efficiency and profitability of your online gaming operation. Optima’s managed services can prove invaluable throughout the life of your operation, especially at conception and launch to ensure your operation gets up and running smoothly. Our consultants also offer you expert advice on how to expand and better serve your customers with attractive products and promotions.

Optima Managed Services

Optima provides the following managed services:

Dynamic Portal Development

To ensure your online storefront has the characteristics to attract first-time visitors and keep returning customers active, Optima developers work with you to devise a
strategy for your web portal to best promote your games and brand identity. A key concern is ease of navigation and usability to get your customers to the games and activities they desire as effortlessly as possible, thereby maximising your ability to generate revenue. Optima utilises its proprietary Content Management System (CMS) to deliver up-to-date content to your portal, enabling you to automatically show the latest news and stats, thereby enticing customers into your dynamic, real-time gaming environment. CMS is integrated with other systems from Optima, including those that power games, payments, the affiliate program and portal widgets. Custom CMS integration with other external systems can also be performed upon request.

Operational Management

The highly-experienced team at Optima manages the day-to-day operation of online gaming operations supported by systems from Optima: bingo halls, poker rooms, sports books, casinos and instant-play game venues.

Poker Network Management

Casino Management 

Sports Book Management

Excellent Customer Service

Optima believes reliable customer service is paramount to fortifying customer trust and loyalty. Our multilingual customer service personnel will respectfully represent your operation by providing conscientious service in multiple languages around the clock. With first-line customer service provided by Optima, our team manages all your customers’ queries by phone, e-mail and live chat. Our customer service reps have proficiency in multiple products and adhere to the terms of a strict service level agreement to guarantee prompt service. E-mail queries are ticketed, and customers receive free assistance by phone while the system provides call tracking and overflow management. Response times and other data are collected and analysed for quality assurance purposes.

With second-line customer service from Optima, our team assists your own customer service unit whenever necessary to ensure your customers always get the prompt help they require. You can also enlist the help of Optima to train your personnel if you wish to engage your own efficient, service-minded customer support team.

Secure Payments and Fraud Control

Optima provides secure account management and payment processing by using industry-leading routines to vigilantly prevent cheating and chargebacks. We employ a comprehensive know-your-customer approach, facilitated by effective automated and manual security and fraud- control routines. The Optima poker system, for example, is one of the few on the market to offer real-time surveillance to eradicate collusion, chip dumping and other fraudulent activities.

On all levels, Optima aims to operate according to the highest principles of responsible gaming and social responsibility. For player protection, Optima provides a range of customisable responsible gaming controls.

Affiliate Program Management

Optima enables you to take advantage of a fully-managed affiliate marketing program supported by software from Income Access. The Optima affiliate marketing team identifies powerful acquisition channels and works with industry-leading networks to recruit more potential affiliates who promote your venue and send paying customers your way. Affiliates are motivated to join and remain active through fair earnings and unique promotional rewards. Loyal relationships are maintained through monthly newsletters and day-to-day contact.


Acquisition Planning and CRM

Optima offers you valuable advice and support in devising strategies for new product acquisitions and CRM. The goal is to attract more desirable customers who will pay to play and to increase player lifetime values, giving you ample and timely returns on your investment. We utilise special models to identify your various customer segments, their likes and dislikes, and their relative value to your online venues. A deeper, multifaceted understanding of your customers is a powerful competitive advantage!

Customers in your database are effectively divided into different target groups based on numerous variables and tagged so you can keep track of the types of customers who respond to your different games and promotions. In your e-mail tool, these tags prove useful in sending marketing messages and promotional offers to those likely to be most receptive. You can also use these tags to make your portal more attractive to each individual customer; your web site can be designed to always show its best side by appealing to the recognised interests of the target group to which the customer belongs. With assistance from Optima, you can effectively play to your customers’ preferences and personas for maximum profitability.

VIP Customer Management

At many online venues, at least 40% of all revenue is generated by a very small percentage of customers: VIPs. Optima uses effective identification methods to quickly detect VIPs and their favourite games so you can begin tailoring your promotional offers and cultivating long-term relationships. Optima can also offer you the services of our special VIP coordinators who each specialise in a particular language and culture to better provide your VIPs with personal attention and service. With the help of Optima, you can rest assured that your VIPs will always be given special attention, offered unique promotions, granted special loyalty rewards, and invited to enjoy exclusive tournaments and other events


Dashboard Performance Reporting

Evaluating the performance of your venue on a regular basis is vital for continued success. Dashboard reports from Optima allow you to regularly view key performance indicators so you can more quickly adapt to changing circumstances and manage your operation pro-actively. Performance data can be accessed on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. View player lifetime values, churn rates and network liquidity statistics, and assess the performance of your games, loyalty rewards and bonus promotions.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the managed services we provide and to discuss how we can best fulfil your unique needs. Optima is at your service!