Jacob López, Founder and CEO of OPTIMA, was awarded with the Business Excellence Award from the Azar Magazine

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Jacob Lopez CEO OPTIMA

The leading magazine specialised in the Spanish betting and gaming sector, gave the Business Excellence Award to the entrepreneur, Jacob Lopez, recognizing the impeccable trajectory of OPTIMA, the software supplier of multi-channel sports betting and gaming solutions founded and directed by him since 2012.

The president of the Azar Magazine, Manuel Ortega, declared “last year OPTIMA swept, won international awards and is known around the world, the agreements he has signed are incredible.”

Jacob Lopez, OPTIMA CEO, took the opportunity to thank OPTIMA colleagues for their efforts and he declared “This recognition is not just for me, it is also for the entire OPTIMA team, whose business trajectory has not been able to bear better results in the last 4 years, starting with 12 colleagues, reaching 150 today and that will touch the 200 by the end of 2018. For this, I thank all those who have supported us, the OPTIMA Team, Partners, Clients, and the push of all those who try to do things in this sector in a different and innovative way. ”

Founded in 2012, with offices in Seville, Gibraltar, Belgrade and London, the company continues with an unstoppable growth, incorporating renowned clients both in Spain and International.

OPTIMA will be present at EXPOJOC 2018 – Stand B31

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OPTIMA, a leading Spanish company in the gaming and sports betting technology sector, continues being positioned at the forefront in the market with its product OPTIMAMGS™ a multichannel and multivertical player management platform with available independent/optional but fully integrated sports betting module, that will be presented on 5th and 6th of June at Expojoc 2018 in Valencia, Spain, to all visitors interested in knowing more about how the leading OPTIMA products can help organisations of all sizes, to thrive and strive in a very competitive market.

Members of the OPTIMA Team are going to be at Stand B31 introducing the Best Standalone Platform 2017, OPTIMAMGS™, Optima Multichannel Gaming Suite, an integral, turn-key egaming and sportsbetting platform solution that orchestrates applications, engines and tools, bundled with support, development and integration services allowing operators to serve their customers through multiple engagement channels seamlessly, for multiple product verticals, all under a single OPTIMAMGS™, system, using outstanding technology and providing access to hundreds of services and third party products.

OPTIMA at Expojoc will display its full range of products and tools, including the multichannel engagement systems such as shop2web, which allows payments management across all the channels, web, mobile, retail OTC, SSBT, ishop and any channel the operators would want to bring to life through the MGS platform.

Visit the OPTIMA booth (B31) to discover how OPTIMAMGS™ can take your business to the next level.

Book a meeting with OPTIMA, by sending an email to either sales@optimagaming.com or marketing@optimagaming.com!

OPTIMA presence at Betting On Football 2018

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OPTIMA OPTIMA, one of the leading companies in the gaming supplier sector, attended the Betting on Football conference this month of March.

With a stand where visitors could be demonstrated the main functionalities of its OPTIMA Multi Channel Gaming Suite, an integral platform for player, payment, fraud, analytics and reporting management, bundled with an optional and available fully integrated and renowned sports betting module.

The firm received great appreciation and recognition as BOF2018´s attendants have confirmed in their feedback that OPTIMA played a main role in the event. As main sponsor of the event and supplying two participants to conferences and panels, the Spanish headquartered organisation displayed its firm strategic commitment to support the sports betting industry. No doubt the OPTIMA team is happy with the attendance, the quality of the attendees and the immediate business opportunities generated in the event.

Furthermore, OPTIMA presented new functionalities of its platform that gives to its customers and partners’ final customers the best and exciting experience, social network tools increasing the number of bets and margin for the operators across all channels. It’s awarded multichannel tools were fully demonstrated, including the Shop2Web payment system, connecting all the channels, allowing a single user wallet experience across all products, web, mobile, over the counter POS, SSBT and ISHOP.

BOF2018 has given the opportunity to officially present its new VP Sales, Javier Manceñido Lazco, a very experienced professional with solid background in sports betting commercialization, having worked in the industry for several years in companies like Sports Radar or Betgenius.

OPTIMA look forward to continue supporting the industry by sponsoring these series of events that are the seed of the innovation and understanding of the challenges in the sector and will be no doubt present in the next Betting on Sports 2018 and other related industry events.



OPTIMA™ announces new strategic VP Sales

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OPTIMA™, a leading Spanish company in the gambling sector with its main product OPTIMAMGS™, an integral platform for the gaming and sports betting sector, announces the strategic incorporation of Javier Manceñido as Vice President in charge of Sales Jacob Lopez pointed out that Javier has a large experience in the online gaming and retail sector in the regions where OPTIMA™ is expanding its partners and customers network. This incorporation is part of the company’s strategy of expansion and natural growth.

Javier Manceñido said, “I am delighted to start and participate in the development of the OPTIMA™ Sales area, a company that is constantly expanding and where there is a constant investment in the development of technology. The innovative and strong products and services that OPTIMA™ provides are designed to keep OPTIMA™’s customers and business partners at the forefront of the gaming industry globally.”

The new Vice President of Sales of OPTIMA™ will make his debut representing OPTIMA™ at a major conference on Thursday, 22nd of March, part of the international event “Betting on Football” that will take place in London between Tuesday 20th and Friday 23rd of March. OPTIMA™ Team is present at the event with a stand in the exhibitors’ area (Stand 37), counting also with the presence of Jacob López Curciel, OPTIMA™’s CEO who will participate in one of the most important conferences of the event and which deals with business opportunities in the Spanish market, Wednesday 21st at 10:00 in the morning.



OPTIMA Team at Betting on Football 2018

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OPTIMA continues being positioned at the forefront of the e-gaming and bookmaking suppliers with its presence in one of the most important industry events. OPTIMA has a stand and participates in the conferences held at The Betting on Football 2018 that will take place at Stamford Bridge.

On Wednesday 21st of March Jacob Lopez, our CEO will host at 10.00 am a Conference about “Spain-A New Window of Opportunity” as the licensing process still open, there are huge opportunities for sport and football in particular.

On the other hand, Javier Manceñido, our VP Sales, will also hold a Conference on Thursday 22nd of March at 04.45 pm about “Lands of opportunity – Americas and beyond” and how are suppliers planning for the opening of the new markets.

Part of OPTIMA Team is going to be at Stand 37 introducing the Best Standalone Platform 2017, OPTIMAMGS™, stands for OPTIMA MULTICHANNEL GAMING SUITE, an integral, turn-key egaming and sportsbetting platform solution, that orchestrates applications, engines and tools, bundled with support, development and integration services allowing operators to serve their customers through multiple customer engagement channels seamlessly, for multiple product verticals, all under a single OPTIMA system, using outstanding technology and providing access to hundreds of services and third party products.

Visit the OPTIMA booth (37) to discover how OPTIMAMGS™ can take your business to the next level.


El famoso jugador de fútbol LUIS GARCÍA invitado especial de OPTIMA™ en la Feria de Londres

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Imagen cedida por www.azarplus.com

El famoso jugador de fútbol Luis García estuvo el pasado miércoles en el stand OPTIMA™ (N2-310) de ICE 2018, donde acudió como invitado especial del también exitoso equipo de esta empresa española, que tan grandes logros está consigiendo en el ámbito del software para Juego. 

Según cuenta García, coincidieron en un evento londinense del Sector por pura casualidad, y fue hablando como comenzaron a establecer una conexión. ”Terminó el SBC y seguimos hablando, pues al final es una compañía que tiene base en Sevilla, en Gibraltar, en diferentes sitios en europa, y esa colaboración se presentaba como sencilla”.

“Empezamos a hablar”, relata, y fue así como ”me empezaron a explicar qué era OPTIMA™, que habían nacido hacía muy poquito, cinco años concretamente y que había crecido tanto en tan poco tiempo. A partir de ahí fue ver qué podíamos hacer, como podíamos colaborar”.

En dicho evento, donde Luis García acudió de invitado, OPTIMA™ recibió dos de los prestigiosos Premios SBC, unos galardones que García sabía de antemano que iban a conseguir. “No les pude decir que tenían un premio, yo ya lo sabía, pero me hice el duro”, explica con simpatía.

“Y la colaboración ha empezado aqui, en Londres, en un evento como éste, tan especial para todo el mundo del eGaming y software. Y bueno, aquí estamos intentando aprender de lo que hay detrás de lo que el usuario ve, que es la pantalla, el pantallazo de donde vamos a apostar”, dice. Una colaboración que, por otra parte, le ha descubierto un mundo que no deja de sorprenderle. “Estoy disfrutando porque es un mundo muy nuevo y,  sobre todo, como comentaba anteriormente, aprendo mucho de OPTIMA™, una compañía que ha crecido tantísimo en los últimos cinco años”.


Imagen cedida por www.azarplus.com


Luis Gracía nos reveló que no era su primer contacto con el Juego, pero sí con la Industria. “No soy gran apostador, pero sí he apostado en algunas ocasiones”.

Asimismo afirma: “No tengo conceptos de software, aunque sí me gustan los gadgets y he estado cerca de ello, pero siempre te olvidas un poco de que es lo que se genera detrás. Por eso cuando se encontró con OPTIMA™ explica :”fue un mundo totalmente nuevo para mí, del que he ido aprendiendo poquito a poco”.

En particular, le tiene fascinado el trabajo que realiza OPTIMA™. Y es que en sus propias palabras hacen “un producto muy exclusivo, para un determinado público y siempre hecho a medida”. En este sentido, García apuesta fuerte por la compañía sevillana. Simplemente, explica, porque “su producto es de máxima calidad, no quiero decir que es el mejor porque parecería que estoy haciendo la pelota, pero la realidad es que así es. Al final, las estadísticas y los números están ahí y no engañan”.

Afirma sentirse contento con su colaboración por el gran nivel de OPTIMA™. “Quieras que no, tu siempre deseas estar linkeado con este tipo de compañías. Yo soy embajador del Liverpool y del Barcelona, y qué mejor que estar en el mundo del software con OPTIMA, una de las mejores firmas a nivel nacional e internacional”.

Sobre el alarmismo suscitado en algunos sectores sobre el auge de las Apuestas Deportivas, García se muestra claro. Por un lado, considera que “no podemos frenar una tecnología que es imparable. Además, a España ha llegado un poquito tarde, yo vivía en Inglaterra desde el 2004 y ya estaba implementado”.

A tal respecto, considera que “no podemos parar la evolución”, ya que “la innovación está cada día más presente y, además, va a una velocidad…”. Sobre este aspecto, García pone unos ejemplos muy ilustrativos. “El otro día me daban unas estadísticas de cuánto tardó el teléfono en tener 50 millones de usuarios, creo que fueron 75, o cuanto tiempo tardó la radio en tener 50 millones de seguidores, que creo que fueron 25″. Ahora, sin embargo, “la velocidad a la que se mueven las cosas ahora es mucho más rápida”, concreta.

“Entonces, sí entiendo que nos alarmemos porque haya un poquito, entre comillas de ignorancia, frente a un mundo que no conocemos, pero al final no se puede parar, porque es lo que tenemos hoy en día. La era digital está aquí y está para quedarse”.

Las tecnologías para García tienen un gran atractivo. “Siempre me han gustado”, dice. “Además, creo que es una herramienta que podemos aprovechar, un beneficio para nosotros, siempre y cuando la podamos controlar”. Apostar por la prevención es, a su juicio, la mejor manera de abordar las novedades que nos traen los nuevos tiempos. ”Yo creo que ahí es donde la gente se supone que está un poco asustada, a que llegue el momento en que no se pueda controlar y nos sobrepase, pero bueno, yo creo que si las cosas se van haciendo bien y poco a poco creo, irá todo bien”.

Volviendo a OPTIMA™, más allá de las explicaciones técnicas, que no son su campo, García subraya la sorpresa que le produjo y sigue produciéndole empezar a conocer “este mundo”, ya que, ”al final, para las personas que no están en él, es algo totalmente surreal”. Pero cuando ves realmente todo lo que hay detrás, no te lo puedes imaginar”, dice.

Su curiosidad natural lo mantiene siempre atento, con ganas de aprender cada vez más, de alimentar ese hambre de saber más sobre lo que no se ve de estas nuevas formas de ocio que tanto éxito están teniendo. ”Porque nosotros como usuarios estamos acostumbrados a ver una máquina en un bar, las plataformas en los casinos, el que juega a los juegos electórnicamente, yo he jugado a la pocha online, que es un juego español, al mus o incluso al póquer, pero eso es lo que vemos. No sabemos realmente qué hay detrás, cómo funciona. Por qué cuando yo le doy ok, el otro recibe el ok, pero, qué pasa cuando la banca me retira cuando pierdo… Esas son las cosas que los usuarios no entendemos. Entonces, OPTIMA™ es la que organiza todo eso a la perfección y con total garantía”.

Igualmente, demuestra un gran sentido común cuando apunta a la satisfacción del cliente como clave para el éxito empresarial, “Es el propio cliente el que, boca a boca, dice si un producto funciona bien. Cuando tienes un producto que funciona, cuando te hacen un traje a la medida para lo que tu necesitas, yo creo que eso es lo mejor. Es verdad que las redes sociales funcionan, que estas exposiciones funcionan, pero lo que mejor funciona y que, al final se queda, es el boca a boca. Si a mí me funciona, quiero que a un compañero mío le funcione también”, concluye en clara alusión al buen hacer de OPTIMA™.

Luis García siendo entrevistado por Azar Plus

Imagen cedida por www.azarplus.com

Descubre los imágenes de la cena de OPTIMA™ cedidas por www.azarplus.com

Fuente: www.azarplus.com

Visiting ICE? Meet Luis Garcia at Optima Stand N2-310 and learn about the best gaming platform!

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Luis García

Coming to ICE this year? Stop by the stand N2-310 and learn in person why Optima has been so much in the news recently. Optima team will explain all the recent achievements, new products and market developments along with the plans for the 2018 of this increasingly successful Spanish corporate group.

Their special guest, Luis Garcia, one of the most famous Spanish football superstars and a Champions League winner with Liverpool, will accompany Optima clients, media partners and visitors at the Stand on the 07th February. This will be a unique opportunity to meet this outstanding international footballer, ask questions about his career and hear the latest news on the upcoming FIFA World Cup and all things football.


Discover Optima´s top performance, award-winning turn-key e-gaming and sportsbetting solution and learn why two large UK operators entered an agreement with Optima just after the acclaimed brand was named The best Standalone Platform 2017, awarded by the SBC Awards past December.

If you are an operator, do not miss the opportunity to visit and see for yourself how OptimaMGS™ can help improve your business and bottom line. Some of the benefits of the OPTIMAMGS™ platform:

  • Tens of thousands of transactions per second.
  • Comprehensive, bespoke feature-rich platform that integrates existing functionality with operator´s own desired features or third-party add-ons.
  • Real production up-time 99.999%.
  • Up-time service levels guaranteed by contract.
  • Business continuity solutions with two or more data centres involved.

Optima and Luis Garcia look forward to meeting you at the Stand N2-310 at ICE Totally Gaming 2018.


Entra en vigor la liquidez compartida en el Póquer Online en el mercado español

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Entra en vigor la liquidez compartida en el Póquer Online en el mercado español tras la publicación de la resolución en el Boletín Oficial del Estado.

La Resolución permite que los operadores que cuenten con las correspondientes licencias de juego estatal para ofrecer el juego de póquer en línea a usuarios en España puedan ofrecer mesas y torneos en los que existan usuarios de las jurisdicciones firmantes del Acuerdo sobre liquidez compartida en el juego de póquer online firmado en Roma el pasado 6 de julio, en los términos establecidos por tales jurisdicciones.

La Resolución establece las condiciones a que dichos operadores deben sujetar la posibilidad de comercializar el juego de póquer bajo liquidez compartida e igualmente, mediante las correspondientes modificaciones del marco actual, las condiciones técnicas, de control y de reporte necesarias para que pueda ser ofrecido con todas las garantías para el orden público y los usuarios.

La posibilidad de liquidez con jugadores de otras jurisdicciones a través de entornos que resulten seguros para los usuarios españoles, en juegos como el póquer para los que la masa o profundidad de las participaciones es un elemento importante, aumenta la variedad e innovación y por tanto las opciones de los consumidores, reforzando el mercado regulado de juego en línea y con ello su sostenibilidad social.

La efectiva implementación de este marco en España, tras la realizada en Francia, abre la posibilidad de que los operadores oferten mesas con jugadores de ambos países a partir de las próximas semanas.

Fuente: azarplus.com

BETFRED signs a multi-year agreement with OPTIMA

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SEVILLA, SPAIN – Dec. 21, 2017 – OPTIMA has announced that it has signed an agreement with BETFRED Group that enables OPTIMA to provide its platform, ongoing development and support for online, retail and call center business of BETFRED Group.

As part of the agreement, from January 2018 OPTIMA will manage the core platforms development and support of BETFRED. The deal includes the rollout of the awarded OPTIMAMGS™ platform and its retail product Serverless v2 for over 1600 betting shops supporting near 4,000 point of sale OTC terminals.

With this long-term agreement, BETFRED looks forward to working with OPTIMA to innovate and progress according to the strategic plans set out by the Group. OPTIMA´s expertise, capabilities, quality of its products and services are well recognized in the gaming industry and will be, no doubt, key to our success” said Mark Stebbings, BETFRED Managing Director. “Following its strategy to work only with leading operators, OPTIMA is pleased to work with BETFRED Group, which is the third biggest operator in the UK market, and more importantly, counts with a very professional and experienced team with a clear vision of becoming a market leader. OPTIMA will put all its expertise, services and awarded technology to immediately start helping BETFRED to thrive in this very competitive market for the coming years” said Jacob Lopez, OPTIMA CEO. “.

About Betfred:

The Group operates Betfred and Totepool. The Group operates 1668 Licensed Betting Offices on the high street, pool betting on 58 racecourses, together with online and mobile betting. Betfred acquired the Tote in July 2011 for £265 million and the company was awarded an exclusive seven year licence to operate pool betting on UK racecourses. The company was founded by brothers Fred and Peter Done who started with just one shop in Salford in 1967. Back then Betfred differentiated itself by offering excellent customer value and excellent service. These principles are still at the heart of the business.


Optima is a licensed B2B producer and supplier of the awarded OPTIMAMGS™ turnkey sports betting and gaming solution, with headquarters in Sevilla (SPAIN) and offices in Gibraltar, Belgrade and London. Optima’s aim is to supply first-class technology solutions supporting real betting and gaming operators in their market leadership allowing them to deliver a premium sports betting and gaming experience. OPTIMAMGS™ platform is certified in all major jurisdictions worldwide.

IGT expands strategic partnership with OPTIMA for delivery of sports betting services

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Agreement provides international customers with quality ongoing support, maintenance, and development of current platform.

IGT has announced that it has signed an agreement with OPTIMA™ for the licensing, support, and development of IGT’s sports betting platform in all international regions outside of Italy, the United States, and Canada.

As part of the agreement, signed on Dec. 15, 2017, IGT is licensing its Sports Betting platform to OPTIMA™, enabling it to provide the day-to-day management of IGT’s existing sports betting relationships in international markets, and to be IGT’s preferred supplier for delivering sports betting solutions in these regions.

“IGT, as legacy GTECH, has successfully partnered with Optima since 2014 when we licensed our sports betting platform to them for a group of existing GTECH betting and gaming customers,” said Walter Bugno, IGT CEO International. “With this new agreement, OPTIMA™ will ensure that all IGT sports betting customers in the international market receive high-quality ongoing support, while benefitting from OPTIMA™’s ability to develop and enhance the IGT sports betting platform.”

“This strategic partnership gives OPTIMA™ the opportunity to focus on our strength as a B2B Sports Betting provider in the international space,” said OPTIMA™ CEO Jacob Lopez Curciel.  “As a result, we can continue innovating on our previous investments in the IGT platform, and ensure a first-class experience for sports betting customers and their players.”

About IGT:

IGT (NYSE:IGT) is the global leader in gaming. We enable players to experience their favorite games across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Interactive and Social Gaming. Leveraging a wealth of premium content, substantial investment in innovation, in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise and leading-edge technology, our gaming solutions anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play. We have a well-established local presence and relationships with governments and regulators in more than 100 countries around the world, and create value by adhering to the highest standards of service, integrity, and responsibility. IGT has over 12,000 employees.

Source: IGT

About OPTIMA™:

OPTIMA™ is a licensed B2B supplier of turnkey sports betting and gaming solutions, based in Gibraltar, Spain and Malta. Optima’s aim is to supply first class technology solutions that are branded and customised to a partner’s requirements so that partners can deliver, to their players, an excellent sports betting and gaming experience.

 IGT Contact:

Robert K. Vincent, Corporate Communications, toll free in U.S./Canada (844) IGT-7452; outside U.S./Canada (401) 392-7452

James Hurley, Investor Relations, (401) 392-7190

Simone Cantagallo, (+39) 06 51899030; for Italian media inquiries

Optima Contact:

Marketing Department, Optima
+34 954 910 535